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Brand Ambassador Career Guide

Do you have excellent communication and networking skills? Do you have a strong presence on all forms of social media? Becoming a brand ambassador could be perfect for you.

A brand ambassador helps to raise brand awareness and increase sales by promoting products through various media channels. They work closely with sales and marketing departments to set and attain marketing goals and objectives, including communicating the value of products to customers, tracking customer feedback, and representing the brand at launches and events. Brand ambassadors are also known as influencers or corporate ambassadors.

Because the brand ambassador is the “face” of the brand, they need to be great at networking and establishing good relationships with consumers, retailers, and vendors. They need to be outgoing and enthusiastic as they are representing the company at events and product launches. 

Sample job description

[Your Company Name] is looking to hire an experienced brand ambassador to help represent us. The brand ambassador will partner with existing and potential customers, and advise on developing and implementing marketing and commercial strategies to drive brand recognition and sales of our brands. You will use your professional marketing experience and vast knowledge about our brands to create a solid following that is loyal.

Typical duties and responsibilities

  • In-depth understanding of the company’s mission, vision, and goals
  • Work closely with sales and marketing staff to develop marketing campaigns and strategies
  • Post information about company products and services online
  • Educate consumers, retailers, and distributors about products
  • Act as an influencer resource for the brand both online and in-person activities
  • Create website and social media content that drives brand awareness and attracts new customers
  • Network and build strong relationships with customers and vendors
  • Monitor customer feedback and respond to online reviews
  • Track customer preferences, metrics, and media campaigns
  • Participate in product launches, events, and trade shows as a company spokesperson
  • Maintain a positive image of the brand at all times
  • Track and report on competitors’ marketing activities

Education and experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or related field
  • 2+ years of experience 

Required skills and qualifications

  • Experience in a customer service environment
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to prioritize multiple tasks
  • Strong social media presence on multiple platforms
  • Experience creating online content
  • Familiarity with scheduling tools for social media, such as Hootsuite and Buffer
  • Outgoing, friendly personality

Bonus qualifications

  • Experience as a brand ambassador, promoter, or similar role
  • Experience in retail sales

Typical work environment

Brand ambassadors typically work much of their time at events, shows, and product launches. They can work indoors or outdoors depending on the event. They might be required to stand for long periods at events, handing out samples, demonstrating products, engaging potential customers, or talking about the company’s brand. Brand ambassadors work in a variety of industries, including automotive, technology, and food and beverage. They often have to travel to different events and some travel to different cities with trade shows.   

Typical hours

Brand ambassadors typically work 36-40 hours a week. They often work nights and weekends when attending events. 

Available certifications

Brand ambassadors work in a variety of industries. Although no certifications are available specifically for brand managers, a number of institutions offer marketing, sales, and advertising certifications that can help brand managers expand their knowledge. 

  • Professional Certified Marketer (PCM). The PCM certification is a great way to enhance your skills. Offered by the American Marketing Association, this program covers key areas of marketing and offers certifications in specific areas, including marketing management, content marketing, and sales management. The program gives you an understanding of markets, strategies, customer behavior, and selling.
  • Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS). The CAS, administered by the Promotional Products Association International, gives you a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the promotional products industry. Courses include business ethics, customer engagement in a digital world, dressing a brand, and secrets to creative storytelling. Recertification is required by earning 30 additional CAS or MAS credits within three years and submitting a recertification application.
  • ServSafe Certification. ServSafe offers a variety of certifications, such as manager, food handler, alcohol, and allergens. Brand managers typically achieve the ServSafe Food Handler and Alcohol certifications, which were developed by the National Restaurant Association. By learning how to properly serve food and alcohol and the many risks and regulations involved, you will be prepared to serve and engage consumers responsibly at the many events, trade shows, and promotions that serve food and alcohol.

Career path

The steps to becoming a brand ambassador start with relevant education. Brand ambassadors typically hold a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a similar field. Working as a campus ambassador can aid in building communication and interpersonal skills by promoting a brand to other students. Earning certifications in sales, marketing, or communications is helpful. The next step is to gain relevant experience. Most brand ambassadors have backgrounds in sales, customer service, or retail.  

US, Bureau of Labor Statistics’ job outlook

SOC Code: 27-3031

2020 Employment272,300
Projected Employment in 2030303,500
Projected 2020-2030 Percentage Shift 11% increase
Projected 2020-2030 Numeric Shift31,200 increase

With the continued growth of video marketing, brand ambassadors will need to focus on platforms such as Instagram’s Reel function and TikTok. Developing brand awareness via TikTok will be a top priority, especially for companies whose audience is made up mostly of Gen Z. 

The growth of social commerce is changing the way people shop. Instead of going out to Amazon and searching for the item you want to purchase, social commerce inspires users to shop while scrolling through their social feeds, taking advantage of impulse buying and impulsive shopping. With companies like Facebook working to enhance the user experience by showcasing feature collections of products, giving recommendations, and offering directories of merchants, social commerce will continue to grow and become a force in the future.