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A New Perspective on Cover Letters

Episode overview

HR consultant Ricky Baez joins Pete Newsome again on finding career zen, but this time, he’s in for a bit of a challenge. Pete is on a mission to shift his stance on cover letters, and by the end of their chat, you might be rethinking their relevance too! They get into the nitty-gritty of employment gaps, frequent job changes, and early career dilemmas, proving your resume alone can’t tell the whole story.

You’re in for a debate that’s anything but dry as Ricky and Pete fight over the purpose and potential of cover letters in securing your dream job. This episode will give you some insights that could completely change your approach to getting hired. Be sure to tune in for a conversation full of laughs and the kind of career advice you can’t afford to miss!

12 minutes

Should you always include a cover letter?

The short answer is yes. A cover letter lets you personalize your pitch and directly connect your skills to the job. Unlike a resume, which provides a broad overview of your skills and experiences, a cover letter lets you highlight specific qualifications and demonstrate how they make you the best fit for the role. It’s your opportunity to explain your interest in the position and address the employer’s needs, making your application stand out.

Additionally, submitting a cover letter shows your dedication and enthusiasm for the position. It reflects your willingness to put in extra effort to tailor your application, indicating a genuine interest in the role. This can be particularly persuasive in competitive job markets, where demonstrating personal initiative and a strong alignment with the company’s goals can significantly influence an employer’s decision.

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