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Does Freelancing Suit All Generations?

Episode overview

Is freelancing appealing to all generations?

Check out Finding Career Zen’s new episode segment: At Work With Gen XYZ, where Pete (Gen X), Peter (Gen Y), and Ashley (Gen Z) dissect the changing dynamics of the job market, analyzing the work preferences of the three generations. They also explore the appeal of remote work for millennials and the importance they place on pet benefits, alternative leaves, and, most importantly, mental health.

Let’s get real about the ties between healthcare and employment. This episode brings the spotlight on the complexities of employer-dependent benefits and the affordability of healthcare in the freelancing world. Freelancing might seem daunting, especially for those accustomed to a traditional employment environment, but they’re here to make sense of it all.

Finally, Gen X, Y, and Z embark on a journey into the future of freelancing, envisioning how Gen Alpha might adapt to this lifestyle differently from Gen Z. They talk about digital nomads, freelancing across international borders, and the changing concept of loyalty in the workforce. Is company loyalty a thing of the past? Can we find a balance between discipline and flexibility in a freelance lifestyle? 

Tune in as they ponder these questions, aiming to enlighten and engage in a conversation beyond just work.

57 minutes

Generational takes on freelancing

Generation X

  • Having observed the late 20th-century corporate layoffs, many are skeptical of the “job for life” promise and thus more open to freelancing.
  • Tend to be technologically adept, which helps in various freelance roles.
  • Value work-life balance and freelancing can be seen as a method to achieve that.


  • Came of age during the rise of the gig economy. Many view freelancing as a norm, not an exception.
  • Prioritize experiences and flexibility over job security, making freelancing an attractive option.
  • Often tech-savvy and adaptable, with a natural inclination toward online platforms that support freelance work.

Generation Z

  • Native digital users are very comfortable navigating online platforms and tools essential for freelancing.
  • More entrepreneurial in spirit, often seeking opportunities to monetize skills or hobbies.
  • While still early in their careers, many are open to side gigs and freelancing as ways to gain experience and financial independence.

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