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How to Write a Training Request Letter

Training is a form of professional development that can help you perform better in your job and prepare you to take on additional responsibilities. You can opt to cover the cost of training yourself, but it’s a lot more appealing when your employer foots the bill.
You’ll need to write a compelling training request letter to secure company-sponsored training.

What is a training request letter?

A training request letter asks your employer to finance additional training for you. This might include a conference, workshop, seminar, online course, or degree program. 

This letter should outline the specifics of the training you’re hoping to pursue, potentially offering a few options for your employer to choose from. It should also communicate how the training will benefit you and, in turn, the company.

Why it’s important to send a request for training

A training request letter formally documents your request and provides important details like the time frame and cost of the opportunity. It should include enough information for your employer to make a decision about whether to approve your request, along with a link or attachments with additional information. 

This letter demonstrates your investment in growing with the company, showing that you’re doing your part to proactively enhance your skills. It spells out what’s in it for your employer, explaining what they have to gain from their investment in the training.

When should you send a letter to request training

When you’ve done your homework

Before you request training, be sure you understand the program’s requirements and feel confident you can fulfill them. Some online courses, for example, require you to complete them within a specified time.

When you’ve built up a track record

If you’re asking your employer to pay for the training, you should be able to make a case for it by highlighting what you’ve already achieved in your current role. 

When you see a future with a company

Make your request in good faith when you plan on remaining with the company for at least the near future. Some companies have requirements on how long you must stay with the company when they pay for your education, especially if you’ll be getting an advanced degree like an MBA or Ph.D.

What to include in a training request letter

The details of the training

Share who’s offering the program, where and when it will take place, what you expect to learn and how much it will cost.

The benefits

The bulk of your letter should focus on how the training will be mutually beneficial to you and your employer. Give specifics of how the new skills will help you make an impact.

Key achievements

Highlight some of the things you’ve already accomplished as an employee, demonstrating your diligence and proficiency.

Your desire to grow with the company

Emphasize your commitment to the employer, explaining where you see yourself within the organization in the future.

Your thanks

Express your gratitude for the opportunities the company has afforded you thus far.

What you should omit

A presumptuous tone

Don’t write as though approval is a given. Ensure you’re positioning your letter as a request, not a demand.

Sample training request letter

Mr. Silvers,

During my time as a digital marketing specialist, the SEO landscape has changed considerably. I subscribe to many blogs and participate in forums to help keep my skills sharp, but I’d like to take my knowledge to the next level by pursuing Moz’s Technical SEO Certification.

Moz is one of the leading SEO organizations, and this course is offered through its widely recognized Moz Academy. It will give me skills that will help me fine-tune our website so that it’s as close to perfect as possible in the eyes of Google, which is key to maximizing our traffic and conversions. The cost is $395, and the estimated time commitment is five hours.

During my three years with the company, I’ve helped make immense strides in increasing our search position and expanding our domain authority. I’m excited to build upon this foundation with more advanced SEO techniques, which will help us further stand out and keep pace with the latest algorithm changes. These are skills that I will use in my current and future positions with Reese Corporation for years to come.

Thank you for reviewing my request. I greatly appreciate your consideration and the ongoing opportunities you’ve provided me. If you need additional information, I’d be happy to schedule a meeting to discuss further details.


Kevin Jordan

A thorough, professionally written request will help you get the green light to pursue the training you want, which will not only make you better at your job but bolster your resume in the process.