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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Part-Time Job

If you’re wondering, ‘Should I write a cover letter for a part-time job?’ you’ve come to the right place. The answer is yes, you should, but creating one doesn’t have to be complicated. 

We’ll show you how to craft a compelling cover letter for a part-time job, even if you don’t have much experience.

Why it is important to send a cover letter for a part-time job

Though some part-time jobs might not specifically require a cover letter to apply, including one is a great opportunity to make a positive first impression. It allows you to position your most impressive qualifications up front rather than relying on the hiring manager to find them within your resume and application. 

Sending a cover letter also conveys that you’re serious about the role. It shows that you’ve taken time to prepare and thought about how you’d succeed in the position, putting you ahead of other candidates who submit only an application.

When should you send a part-time job cover letter?

When you’re submitting a job application

This scenario is simple: you’ve seen an opening advertised online or in a store window, and you’re completing the required application materials. Submit your cover letter along with everything else via email to the provided address, via the company’s online application system, or as a printed copy with a paper application. 

If a friend has referred you

This is a big advantage because companies generally prioritize referrals over candidates from other sources. If a friend has recommended you for the job, you definitely want to send a cover letter to call the hiring manager’s attention to the referral. 

When you’re reaching out without a posted job opening

Some companies hire on a rolling basis, meaning they interview candidates regardless of whether they have an open position to fill or not. If there’s a company you’d like to work for, a cover letter is a great way to express your interest and learn whether they might be open to hiring you. 

What to include in a cover letter for a part-time job

Your name

Direct your cover letter to the hiring manager rather than using ‘to whom it may concern’ whenever possible.

An introduction

Begin by stating your name and the position you’re applying for. If someone referred you, mention this early in your letter, too.

Your qualifications

Use your second paragraph to highlight key skills that make you a strong candidate for the job. If you found out about the job from an advertised posting, mention skills that match the ones in the job description.

Your background

Explain how your previous experience is connected to this job, and do a little bragging about noteworthy accomplishments you’ve achieved thus far. If you don’t have prior work experience, you can cite examples from internships, volunteer work, informal jobs like helping neighbors with household tasks, and even your coursework at school.

A call to action

End by expressing your appreciation and sharing the best way to contact you for a conversation.

What to omit

Excessive sentences

Avoid repeating the same details; instead, use your cover letter to call attention to key experiences and your most relevant skills.

Sample cover letter for a part-time job

Ms. Applebaum,

My name is Jessica Graves, and I’d like to be considered for your open customer service associate position. My classmate, Joanna Wilkins, referred me to the job.

I’m a dedicated worker with strong interpersonal skills. As the assistant to the youth choir leader at my church, I regularly coordinate schedules with more than ten choir members and send timely messages detailing our rehearsal schedule. I babysit for several families in the community who know me as a dependable and reliable person to care for their children. 

I’m on the honor roll at Millbrook High School. In addition to being a dedicated student, I’m a member of the debate team, which has provided me with critical thinking skills and communication abilities that would be an asset to me as a member of your retail team. 

Thank you for considering my application. You can contact me by phone at 234-5678 for further information. I look forward to speaking with you. 


Jessica Graves

Since this is a part-time job, it likely involves scheduled shifts. If you have an idea of the hours you would or would not be available, including these in your letter is helpful as well. For example, ‘I attend school during the day Monday through Friday, but am available in the afternoons after 3 p.m. and on weekends.’

Before you send your letter, be sure to proofread it carefully and consider asking a friend or family member to review it for you, too.