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How to Write a Freelancer Cover Letter

Freelance work means you’re spared some of the more tedious aspects of the professional world, like micromanaging bosses and nosy coworkers. But it doesn’t completely free you from the formalities associated with landing a job–namely, writing a cover letter. Follow our guide to write a freelance cover letter that will grab a hiring manager’s attention and get them on the phone with you to learn more about your services.

What is a freelancer job letter?

A cover letter is a formal document that tells a hiring manager why you’re qualified for a position. As a freelancer, it’s an important tool for making introductions in the professional world that will help you meet new clients and land contracts. 

In addition to being used when applying for a specific open position, a freelance cover letter can also be used to do outreach when marketing your services. Use it as the first point of contact with leads you’d like to develop. 

Why it is important to send a cover letter

A cover letter does the important job of conveying your positive track record. It uses examples from your previous experience to demonstrate your technical skills, showing a hiring manager your most impressive accomplishments.

As a freelancer, you also need to showcase business skills in addition to your technical specialization. Since you’re not a full-time employee, hiring managers need to feel confident in your ability to work independently and manage your time, among other important soft skills. A cover letter helps you communicate these capabilities.

When should you send a freelancer cover letter

When applying for a job

Some companies require freelancers to use the same application process to hire full-time employees. Employ a cover letter when responding to an advertised job opening the same way you would if you were applying for an in-house position.

When inquiring about opportunities

A cover letter can be used to reach out to a company you want to work for even if they’re not advertising that they’re hiring. After researching the right person to contact, use a cover letter to connect and sell them on how working with you could benefit the company.

When marketing services

Need to bring in new business? A cover letter can be great for that, too. Use it to establish contact with cold leads you’ve gathered online or to reconnect with contacts you’ve made earlier in your career.

What to include in a freelancer cover letter

Appropriate salutation

Begin by addressing the person you’re writing to by name. You may be able to find this in the job listing by researching on the company website, or on LinkedIn.

Engaging introduction

Your cover letter should hook the reader from the first sentence, enticing them to read the rest to learn more.

Illustration of your skills

The “meat” of your cover letter should focus on examples demonstrating your skills in action, giving quantifiable outcomes of your work.

The value you bring

Wrap up your cover letter by communicating what makes you different–the unique value you can bring to the department or company.

Call to action

Tell the hiring manager how they can get in touch with you to talk further.

What you should omit

Retelling of your resume

A cover letter is not just a variation of your resume in story form. It should elaborate on the most important aspects of the job, which will be outlined in the job description.

Sample freelancer job cover letter

Ms. Flores, 

I’m a freelance graphic designer with more than eight years of experience helping brands like yours go from ordinary and forgettable to eye-catching and memorable. I have the industry knowledge and artistic expertise to manage your logo redesign project. 

As the lead designer for Stutts & Affiliates, I developed a new set of visual brand standards and oversaw their implementation across the company. One year after the guidelines were launched, brand recognition in our local market had increased by 37%. 

As an independent contractor, I’ve recently earned Upwork’s Top Rated Plus badge for 16 consecutive months, a distinction awarded to the top 3% of freelancers on the platform. This serves as a record of my strong reputation and dependability delivering quality results on high-value contracts. 

I would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your logo needs. Please reach me at 555-666-7890 at your convenience. 


Susan Bradshaw

As a freelancer, you should think of your cover letter not just as a professional formality, but as a sales tool. When crafted correctly it can help you make valuable connections, build your portfolio and earn lucrative income.