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How to Write a Thank You Letter for a Phone or Zoom Interview

With so many of our professional interactions moving online over the last several years, you’re probably an old pro at Zoom and phone meetings by this point. But despite the shift to digital technology, there’s still one piece of conventional correspondence you don’t want to neglect after a job interview: a thank you letter. 

We’ll explain why and when to send a thank you note after a phone or Zoom interview and share a template you can use to put the final flourish on a great interview experience.

What is a thank you letter?

A thank you letter is a note a candidate sends the hiring manager shortly after an interview. It expresses their gratitude for the opportunity to be considered and reinforced the candidate’s interest in the position. 

In the past, a thank you letter would be a hand-written card sent in the mail, but today it’s totally acceptable to send via email.

Do I really need to send a message in wiriting?

A phone or Zoom interview may feel less formal than an in-person interview, but the traditional standards should still be followed. It’s a professional convention to send a thank you note after an interview, regardless of the format, and it’s something many hiring managers will be expecting. Sending a prompt and courteous thank you letter protects your reputation and gives you an additional chance to cement a positive impression on the person who’s deciding whether to hire you.

When you should send a thank you letter

You should send a thank you letter within 24 hours after a phone or Zoom interview, when your meeting is still fresh in the hiring manager’s mind.

What to include:

Your thanks

Begin by reiterating your appreciation for the chance to interview.

Details from your conversation

Cite one or two things you talked about with the hiring manager that furthered your interest in the position

Additional selling points.

Mention any follow-up information that helps make the case for why you should be hired.

Sample thank you after a virtual interview

Mr. Bradshaw, 

Thank you again for the opportunity to interview for the director of communications position this afternoon. I was thrilled to learn about the Diamond grant and how you plan to allocate some of the money to community initiatives; I think there’s a major opportunity to leverage this in a brand-building campaign for Acme Enterprises, and I’d be excited to lead the effort. 

I wanted to send along a press release and a few resulting news clippings from the capital project I mentioned during our conversation. This is just one example of the many campaigns I’ve managed this year in my current role. I hope we get the chance to work together on similar projects.

All best, 

Denise Jones

Even in a fully digital interview process, it’s important to stick to proper procedure. Sending a thank you letter closes the loop with the hiring manager while reinforcing your enthusiastic interest in the position.