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How to Write a Goodbye Letter to Your Boss

Writing a goodbye letter isn’t easy. It may come with feelings of sadness, stress or even guilt. Tough as it may be, though, saying a formal farewell with a goodbye email is an important step in leaving your job on a high note. 

Whether you had a close, personal relationship with your manager or a more formal, strictly-business one, these sample goodbye letters will help you close out your time working together the right way. 

Tips for writing a goodbye letter

Say thanks

No one wants to lose a valued employee, but it’ll soften the blow if you lead with your gratitude. Choose something to thank your boss for, like:

  • Taking a chance on hiring you
  • Helping you learn a new skill
  • Trusting you with new responsibilities
  • Acting as a mentor
  • Making professional introductions
  • Helping you accomplish a goal

Share a personal example

Promote warm feelings by citing a specific, personal example of something you admire about your boss or that you learned from them. 

Offer to keep in touch

Former bosses make great references. Plus, there’s a chance you might work together in the future or even return as a “boomerang employee” and work for the same boss again a few years down the road, so it’s in your best interest to keep the lines of communication open.

Sample goodbye letter – personal


As you know, it’s my last day with Hamilton Hardware. I greatly enjoyed my time here and specifically, having you as a manager. 

I’ve learned so much from you, like how to lead a team and deal with challenging customers. Thank you for giving me opportunities to take on more responsibility, which will undoubtedly serve my career well in the future. 

I wish you and the team the best and hope to keep in touch. My personal email is [email protected].



Sample goodbye letter – simple

Dear Miriam, 

Since today is my last day, I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your coaching and guidance. I’ll always appreciate you giving me a chance and helping me learn new skills. 

I’ll remember my time here fondly and wish you the best.