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How to Write a Cover Letter for an Internal Position

Moving to a new position within your existing company is a great way to advance your career, acquire new skills and increase your salary. And, if you’ve built a reputation for doing a great job in your current role, you might be a shoo-in for the position. 

However, until the offer is in hand, you can’t assume you’ll get a job just because you’re an internal candidate. You’ll be competing against external candidates, many of whom may have more experience or advanced skills. You’ll still need to go through all the steps of applying for the job, which includes filling out an application and writing a cover letter.

An internal position requires a unique approach

As an internal candidate, your cover letter is less about helping the hiring manager get to know you and more about showing them why you’re the right choice for the job. The good news is, since you don’t have to allocate space to introductions, you can spend more time focusing on your skills and accomplishments. 

To help you convince the hiring manager that an internal candidate is the way to go, use our cover letter examples for an internal position and for a promotion below. 

Why use a cover letter internally?

Show how your skills are transferable 

How does your current position make you well-suited for this new job? Sure, external candidates may have more years in the industry or more leadership experience, but you have the great advantage of being familiar with the company and its inner workings. So, mention this! Explain how the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired in your current position will serve you in another role in the organization. 

Convey your excitement to grow with the company

Retaining great workers is a key priority for successful organizations, especially in a tight labor market. It’s in your employer’s best interest to hold onto you, and it’s always a great sign when an employee makes it clear they want to stick around. Use your cover letter to convey your desire to advance within the company and continue to be an asset to it.

What to include:

Accomplishments in your current role

If you’ve been working hard in your current role for some time, this should be a no-brainer. Even if you know the hiring manager, it’s helpful to lay out your accomplishments in black and white for them to see. Give specific examples of how you’ve made an impact–bonus points if it’s something that’s specifically relevant to the hiring manager, like assisting their team on a project or achieving a win that made them look good.

A referral

If you have a contact that has the hiring manager’s ear, ask them to write you a referral. In a competitive environment, having a trusted manager or other colleague go to bat for you can seal the deal in your favor. Likewise, if a company leader suggested you apply for the job, mention that early in your cover letter.

Example cover letter for internal position

Mrs. Hodges, 

As a loyal member of the Sheridan sales team, I was excited to learn of the market analyst opening. I believe my strong work ethic, data analysis skills and deep customer insights make me an excellent candidate for the job.

Over the past ten weeks, I’ve spent my evenings attending an online data analytics course to build my knowledge of SQL. But my technical skills aren’t why you should choose me; my daily direct interactions with Sheridan customers have given me a rich understanding of our target market’s needs and buying tendencies that would be an asset to your department.

It’s no secret that sales is a tough job. That’s why I’m proud of my record of exceeding my targets for the last eight quarters in a row. I’m not afraid of a challenge and view every setback as a learning opportunity–a mindset I believe would serve me well as a market analyst. 

I appreciate your consideration and look forward to speaking with you. 


Igor Svedke

Example cover letter for a promotion

Mr. Sorrentino, 

At the encouragement of Executive Director Angela Jackson, I’m applying for the role of business development manager. 

Since coming on board as a business development specialist for Rice Enterprises three years ago, I’ve secured more than $4M in new contracts. One accomplishment I’m especially proud of is the Honeywell project, which we landed with intelligence from my research into new building permits in the county. 

Having worked closely with the outgoing business development manager, I have an extensive knowledge of Rice Enterprises’ operations that will allow me to hit the ground running in the role. I’m excited for the opportunity to take on more responsibility and contribute to shaping the company’s growth, both this year and into the future. 

I look forward to speaking with you about the position. 


Johanna Peterson