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How to Announce a Pregnancy at Work

When you’re expecting, sharing the exciting news with your coworkers can be a big deal. Between ultrasounds, baby bump updates, and planning for parental leave, informing your workplace about your pregnancy is an important step. Communicating the message by email is efficient and respectful of everyone’s time.

Here’s your guide to crafting the perfect announcement to capture all the excitement and significance of this life-changing event. Using our tips and templates, you’ll be able to share your news in a professional and meaningful way.

Why a pregnancy announcement is important

Expecting a child transforms not only your life but those you work with as well. Your colleagues will likely share your excitement and offer their support. Communicating your pregnancy early on sets the stage for a smooth transition into maternity or paternity leave, giving your team time to prepare. A timely and professional announcement allows for better planning and minimizes disruptions, benefiting you and your workplace.

When you should announce your pregnancy at work

Determining the right time to announce your pregnancy is personal. The most common timeframe is after the first trimester when the risk of complications has decreased. Some choose to wait until important work milestones or projects have been completed. The primary consideration is to share the news when you feel comfortable and ready. Once you’ve reached that point, it’s best to inform your immediate supervisor first, followed by a broader announcement to the whole team.

What to include in a pregnancy announcement at work:

A clear and direct message

Keep it simple when announcing your pregnancy to your colleagues. Share that you’re expecting, your due date, and any relevant details, like your plans for maternity leave.

Be sure to include who will handle your responsibilities during your absence and when you expect to return. Doing so will help set expectations and create a sense of continuity within the team.

A personal touch

Consider personalizing your announcement. Depending on your workplace culture, it might be fun to share the baby’s gender or the names you’re considering. If you’re comfortable, an ultrasound picture could add a nice touch to your message.

Sample pregnancy announcement at work letter


I’m delighted to share the news that I’m expecting a baby, due on July 15th. My partner and I are filled with joy and can’t wait to welcome our little one into the world.

I will start my maternity leave on June 20th and plan to return on October 1st. In the meantime, all my tasks will be handled by Alex Thompson, who can be reached at extension 567.

Warm regards,


Work pregnancy announcement template

Hello team,

I’m thrilled to announce that I am expecting a baby, due on [DUE DATE]. This is an exciting time for me and my family, and we couldn’t be happier.

I will begin my maternity/paternity leave starting on [START DATE] and plan to return on [RETURN DATE]. Please contact [ALTERNATE CONTACT] at [CONTACT INFO] for any work-related queries during my absence.