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How to Announce a New Baby at Work

Announcing the arrival of a new baby to your coworkers might be the last thing on your mind when you’re in the midst of diaper changes, doctor appointments and round-the-clock feedings. But since most new parents won’t be back at work for at least a few weeks after welcoming a new addition, an email is an effective way to let your colleagues know your little bundle of joy has arrived.

Follow these quick and easy tips for making the announcement, so you can get back to soaking in the new baby snuggles!

Why a baby announcement is important

The birth of a child is a major life update, and it’s something your coworkers will probably be thrilled to know about. Also, letting everyone know your status will help keep work-related communications to a minimum while you’re on maternity or paternity leave.

When you should announce it

There’s no “right” time to send a new baby announcement. The short answer is, whenever you’re comfortable and caffeinated enough to do so. It’s typical for new parents to notify their coworkers sometime within the first week after their baby arrives.

What to include:

A short and sweet message

Leave the play-by-play of your baby’s birth for family and friends. Your email birth announcement to your coworkers just needs to include the basics, like the fact that the baby arrived and their name.

Need-to-know work details

Include a line to let your coworkers know who’ll be taking over your duties while you’re away and the date you plan to be available once again.

A personal touch

Many colleagues would love to hear a few more details about your new addition. If it feels aligned with your company’s culture and you’re comfortable sharing, consider adding a line or two about the baby’s features, nickname or anything else that feels appropriate. You might also attach a photo to your email to accompany the good news.

Sample letter


My wife Sarah and I are thrilled to announce that our son, Xander Michael, arrived early Wednesday morning. He weighed in at seven pounds, four ounces, and has his mom’s blue eyes. Both Xander and Sarah are doing well.

I will be out of the office until September 4. During my absence, please direct any questions to Michelle Romero at extension 234. 

Many thanks, 


Announcement template

Hello team,

It’s with great joy that I share the arrival of our new addition, [BABY NAME]. [HE/SHE] was born on [BIRTH DATE] weighing [POUNDS, OUNCES]. 

I will be on leave until [RETURN DATE]. If you need assistance while I’m out, please contact [ALTERNATE CONTACT] at [CONTACT INFO].