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How to Announce a Name Change at Work

Follow these tips and use the sample letters below for announcing a name change at work.

Why you should inform coworkers of a name change

There are all sorts of life changes that are accompanied by a name change. In addition to updating your Facebook profile and driver’s license, you’ll also need to introduce your new moniker to the people in your professional life by announcing your name change at work.

Maybe you married the love of your life and you want to shout your new name from the rooftops. Or, maybe you’d prefer to keep the reason for your name change a bit more private. Either way, though, it’s a good idea to at least give your colleagues official notice of the switch to avoid confusion (and head off nosy questions!).

Tips for announcing the change

Keep it brief

Not only does a short-and-sweet message make it more likely the recipients will actually read your email, it’s also not necessary to share the personal details behind your name change. If it’s because of news you’re happy to share, like getting married, it’s fine to include a line citing the reason for the switch.

Update your email signature

Help cement the transition in your colleagues’ minds by updating your email display name (which shows up in the ‘from’ column in people’s inboxes) and email signature (which is at the bottom of every email).

Share updated contact info

If your name change also comes with an update to your email address, invite recipients to add your new address to their contact list. Set up automatic forwarding so that any messages sent to your old address automatically show up in your new inbox.

General announcement letter sample

Hi all, 

My name has recently changed from Justin Sherwood to Justin Roberts. My new email address is [email protected]. If you could update me in your address book so I continue to receive your emails, that would be great. 

Many thanks, 


Name change due to marriage letter sample

Hi team,

As you may know, I recently got married. I wanted to officially share my name change to Amelia Hernandez. Please update my email address in your contacts to [email protected]

Many thanks for the well wishes this week.


Announcement template

Hi all, 

I have recently changed my name from [OLD NAME] to [NEW NAME]. My email address has also changed. You can now reach me at [NEW EMAIL ADDRESS].