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How to Announce a Name Change at Work

Navigating a name change in a professional setting can be delicate, requiring thoughtful communication with colleagues, clients, and departments. Whether due to marriage, divorce, or personal choice, a name change is a significant personal milestone. 

To ease the transition and hopefully give you one less thing to think about, use our sample email templates to help you announce your name change at work!

The importance of communicating your name change

A name change is accompanied by all sorts of life changes. In addition to updating your Facebook profile and driver’s license, you’ll also need to introduce your new moniker to the people in your professional life by announcing your name change at work.

Maybe you married the love of your life and you want to shout your new name from the rooftops. Or, maybe you’d prefer to keep the reason for your name change a bit more private. Either way, though, it’s a good idea to give your colleagues at least official notice of the switch to avoid confusion (and head off nosy questions!).

How to prepare for your announcement

Step 1: Update legal and HR documents

Begin by legally changing your name and updating your details with HR. This ensures that your new name is reflected in all legal documents, payroll, and official records, setting a solid foundation for your workplace announcement.

Step 2: Decide on the timing

Consider the timing of your announcement carefully. Aim for a period that minimizes disruption and aligns with your work schedule. Informing your colleagues before making broader changes, such as updating your email address, helps in a smoother transition.

What to include in your notification email

Personal introduction

Start your announcement with a warm and professional greeting to engage your audience from the beginning. For example, “Dear Colleagues,” or “Hello Team,” sets a friendly tone. Lead into the purpose of your email with a sentence that prepares your colleagues for the news. You could say, “I am writing to share an important update regarding a personal change that I have recently made,” to gently introduce the topic.

Reason for name change (Optional)

If you feel comfortable, you may include a brief explanation of the reason behind the name change. However, this is entirely optional and based on your comfort level.

Details of the name change and updated contact information

Clearly state your previous name and your new name. This helps avoid confusion and ensures that everyone understands the change. If this involves a new email address, make sure to include this information. Additionally, if there are changes to any other contact details (like phone numbers or business cards), list them as well.

How to handle name corrections and missteps

Addressing corrections and missteps gracefully is a crucial aspect of the process after announcing a name change at work. As colleagues adjust to your new name, there will inevitably be moments where mistakes are made. 

Here’s how to handle these situations with understanding and professionalism:

  • Prepare a polite correction script, such as, “You may have missed my email, but I’m [New Name] now. Thank you for understanding!”
  • Be open to questions and, if relevant, share resources to educate colleagues, especially if your name change is part of a larger transition.
  • Consistently use your new name in all communications. For a while, consider adding “Formerly known as [Old Name]” to your email signature.

Sample email templates for name change announcements

A formal announcement to colleagues

Subject: Name Change Notification – [Your New Name]

Dear Colleagues,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to inform you of a significant personal change. Effective [Date], I have legally changed my name from [Old Name] to [New Name].

Please update your records accordingly. Effective immediately, my email address will also change to [New Email Address].

I appreciate your support and understanding during this transition.

Best regards,

[Your New Name]

An announcement to clients

Subject: Important Update: My Name Change

Dear [Client’s Name],

I hope you are doing well. As we continue to navigate through our projects and collaborations, I wanted to share a significant personal update with you. I recently underwent a name change. Moving forward, I will be professionally known as [New Name].

My contact details have been updated to reflect my new name. You can now reach me at [New Email Address], and I would be grateful if you could update your records accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Warm regards,

[Your New Name]

Internal notification to HR and IT

Subject: Official Name Change Notification

Dear [HR/IT Department Contact],

I am writing to request that my personal records be updated following my legal name change from [Old Name] to [New Name], effective [Date].

Please update my email address, business cards, and any internal directories to reflect this change.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for ensuring a smooth transition.


[Your New Name]