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How to Accept a Job Offer

Accepting a job offer is the final step in the long, often-nerve-wracking process of job searching. You’re almost across the finish line! Before you kick off the celebrations, however, it’s a good idea to put your acceptance of the offer in writing. 

We’ll explain what a job offer acceptance letter is, what should be included in one and offer a sample you can use to say ‘yes’ to your new job.

What is the point of sending a letter?

Written acceptance of a job offer is a candidate’s formal agreement to work for a company. It signals their acceptance of the terms the employer has offered, like salary, benefits and vacation time. A job offer acceptance letter is often preceded by a verbal acceptance either on the phone or in person. 

Why you should accept in writing

Even if you’ve said yes to a job on the phone, following up with a written acceptance letter makes it official. It lets the company know they can stop talking to other candidates and cements a date for when you’ll start work. 

A job offer acceptance letter shows your enthusiasm to get started with the company. Depending on how much negotiation was involved in getting the offer you wanted, conversations with the hiring manager may have gotten a little tense. Writing a warm letter of acceptance is a good way to wipe the slate clean so you can start your first day of work on a positive note.

When to send the acceptance of the offer

After you have received a job offer in writing

Even if you’ve received a verbal job offer, you should ask for the offer in writing before making any big moves like quitting your current job. Once you’ve received a written offer that matches the one you were expecting, then it’s the right time to reply with your acceptance letter.

After you’ve taken time to consider it

It’s customary to take 24 hours to consider a job offer before responding. This gives you time to review the details of the offer, discuss it with your partner, and make sure you’re fully committed before giving your acceptance.

What you should include

A thank you

Begin by expressing your gratitude for the offer.

Your acceptance of the offer

Enthusiastically state that you’ve decided to take the job.

Confirmation of your start date

It’s a good idea to verify this important piece of information so you can give proper notice to your current employer.

Any terms you discussed verbally

Confirm details like benefits, vacation time or anything else that hasn’t been put into writing. 

What to omit when accepting a job offer

  • Further negotiations. If you’re not 100% happy with the offer, you can negotiate by asking for more money or better terms before accepting. 

Example letter

Mrs. Peabody, 

Thank you for the offer to join the Martin & Martin team. I am pleased to accept the position of warehouse associate. 

As we discussed, I will start work on May 25 at an hourly rate of $18. After 90 days of employment, I will have the option to enroll in the company’s health and vision insurance plans. 

I look forward to getting started. If there is anything you need from me ahead of my first day, please contact me at 999-000-9090.


Douglas Edwards

Writing a formal letter to accept a job offer signals the official end of your job search and the beginning of what is hopefully a promising and exciting new chapter. Congrats!