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How to Write a Confirmation Email for an Interview

The hiring process involves a lot of back and forth, much of which happens over email. What you write in your email correspondence with employers–even just one- or two-line messages– contributes to their overall impression of you as a candidate. So, it’s important to get it right. Here, we’ll take a look at one of those pieces of back-and-forth messaging: the confirmation email for an interview.

What is an interview confirmation email?

An interview confirmation email is a message you use to respond to an employer’s invitation to interview for a job. This may be the first email you receive after applying, or it might happen after you’re asked to complete an initial screening. 

Interview confirmation emails may be sent by a hiring manager, an HR rep, or a recruiter. These emails are usually short and require only a brief response in return. 

Why it’s important to send an email to confirm an interview

Your response is necessary to confirm important details about the interview, like the date and time. An employer may ask if you’re available at a specific time, so you must respond yes or no. Or, they may ask you to propose some times that would be convenient for you. 

It’s also important to send a polished interview confirmation email to maintain a professional image. You worked hard putting together a resume and cover letter that would get the hiring manager’s attention; now, you want to carry that positive impression forward in the rest of your communications with them. 

Finally, this email is your chance to clarify any uncertainties on the employer’s behalf or yours. They may ask to verify that you’re still interested in the position, for example, in which case you’d want to confirm that you’d like to move forward with an interview. Or, you might ask for your interviewer’s name if you have not already received this information, as this can help with your interview prep.

When should you send an email to confirm an interview

Once you’ve received the coveted invitation to interview, let the employer know it’s a go as soon as possible. Sending a prompt reply will reinforce your interest in the position and help keep the hiring process moving forward.

What to include in a confirmation email for an interview

A professional salutation

Open the email by addressing the person who sent you the invitation with a professional greeting. ‘Hello’ is a safe bet, since ‘Hi’ can sometimes come across as too informal. Follow the sender’s lead on how to address them. If their email signature says ‘John Roberts,’ call them Mr. Roberts. If they signed the email with a more casual ‘John,’ it’s okay to open with ‘Hello, John.’

A thank you

Begin by thanking the sender for their request to interview. Use positive language that conveys your enthusiasm.

A confirmation of the request

Confirm your availability or propose an alternative option if they already suggested a time. If they ask you when you’re free, suggest two or three-time slots within the next few days.

Answers to any questions they asked

As you draft your email, re-read their message and be sure to address all questions they raised.

Any pertinent questions you have

Now is a good time to get clarification on interview details that haven’t been covered, like the location of the interview, where to park, or the app you’ll be using if it’s a video call.

Any required materials

Attach any additional items they’ve requested, like a copy of your driver’s license.

What to omit

Questions that aren’t related to interview logistics

You probably have bigger questions about the job, like your exact duties. Save these more detailed questions for the interview itself.

An example confirmation email for an interview

Ms. Jones, 

Thank you for the invitation to interview for the sales associate position. Tuesday the 27th at 3 p.m. works for me. 

At your convenience, could you please advise which parking garage I should use and if there’s any other information I need to get into the building?

I look forward to speaking with you. 



To avoid confusion, don’t make any changes to the subject line. Simply reply to the email the company used to contact you. Then, get ready for the big day by using our interview preparation checklist. Good luck!