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Are you looking for a seasonal job? Unfortunately, seasonal hiring will be slower in 2022 than in years past, with retailers bracing for lower sales growth and looming economic uncertainty. 

2021 saw surging sales growth of 15.1% during the holiday season, spurred by a rush back to traditional holiday shopping behavior after the highly restricted season in the first year of the pandemic. This year’s growth is projected at a much more modest 4 to 6%. 

Though the numbers might not be as impressive as prior years, retailers big and small are still gearing up to hire thousands of temporary workers to manage the upcoming surge in shoppers. Here are some of the best places to look if you want to put some extra money in your pocket this holiday season. 

17 companies participating in seasonal hiring 

4 Corner Resources

Seasonal jobs aren’t limited to the big-box retailers. Many companies see a spike in demand for temp workers as full-time staffers take time off for the holidays. We’re hiring at 4 Corner Resources for temporary workers. Seasonal temp jobs typically include administrative, technology, and assistant roles. To find temporary holiday work near you, your best bet is to work with a staffing agency specializing in temporary hiring, like 4 Corner Resources. 

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The eCommerce behemoth will hire 150,000 new workers across the U.S. in full-time, part-time and seasonal positions. This comes on the heels of news that they’ll lay off 10,000 workers, but the positions aren’t the same. The layoffs will occur in Amazon’s corporate office and technology departments, while hiring will happen on the operations side for stowing, picking, packing, sorting, and shipping roles. 

On average, these Amazon jobs pay around $19 an hour, and full-time positions come with benefits like 20 weeks of paid parental leave and a 401(k) with 50% company matching.


Target is looking for workers to fill 100,000 seasonal jobs across its retail stores and supply chain locations, which is close to the same number it hired last year. 

Retail responsibilities include interacting with guests, helping maintain safe shopping conditions and staffing the order pickup and drive-up stations, which have surged in popularity the past few years. Behind the scenes at its 40+ distribution centers, Target needs staffers to process freight, fulfill online orders, and receive, pack and load shipments. 

All positions start at at least $15 an hour and come with free mental health support, virtual doctor visits and a 10% store discount that can further offset your holiday gifting costs. 


Walmart is one of the companies that plans to scale back hiring this year, bringing on just 40,000 workers instead of the 150,000 it hired last year. Still, 40,000 is a lot of open positions! You could be one of them, securing a job as a seasonal store associate or a full-time truck driver. 


Macy’s is synonymous with the holiday season, filling television screens across the country with its legendary parade on Thanksgiving Day. It will be looking to fill 41,000 full- and part-time seasonal positions across its family of brands, which includes Macy’s Bloomingdales and Bluemercury. The positions consist of retail jobs as well as supply chain and call center roles. 


Kohl’s is seeking seasonal workers to join its teams in retail stores and distribution centers. Retail jobs include store associates, who serve customers, and operations associates, who stock and organize merchandise. Employees in distribution centers are responsible for picking, packing and shipping orders and operating machinery. Kohl’s didn’t specify how many people it would be bringing on, but said numbers would be comparable to last year’s (which saw around 90,000 hires). 

Party City

Families across the country have returned to in-person gatherings, meaning homes need festive decorations and tables need colorful settings. Here to provide them is Party City, which says it will hire 20,000 workers ahead of the holidays. 

The company promises flexible hours, competitive washes and a 30% employee discount. It estimates that 10 to 15% of seasonal hires will be offered permanent positions after the holiday rush. 


Shipping carriers are bracing for lower volume this season as demand for home delivery has cooled from the past two years. While FedEx says it will be onboarding seasonal workers, it did not make a formal seasonal hiring announcement. This time of year FedEx typically looks to add new employees to its Ground network, which includes residential delivery drivers and warehouse package handlers. 


UPS will hire for more than 100,000 full- and part-time seasonal jobs including package handlers, drivers, driver-helpers, and personal vehicle drivers. The company has adopted a new digital-first application model that takes just 25 minutes, and 80% of positions do not require an interview.

The company touts its seasonal positions as a great way to break into a permanent role; last year, about 35,000 people hired in seasonal jobs were brought onboard full time, and close to a third of the company’s U.S. employees started in a seasonal role. 

United States Postal Service

USPS is hiring more than 28,000 seasonal workers to handle mail and packages. They’ll be busy as the holiday season nears, and they need people to sort through packages, new delivery drivers, and customer service representatives. They’re hiring in both large cities and small, rural areas.

Best Buy

Best Buy has joined the ranks of companies that have adopted a $15 minimum wage across all U.S. locations, with some positions starting at as much as $18.50 an hour. The technology retailer currently lists thousands of seasonal openings nationwide, including store associates, Geek Squad technicians, and fulfillment center staff. 


Not all seasonal jobs deal with holiday shopping. Drugstore giant CVS Health is looking for employees in select regions to meet the heightened volume during this busy season. The company touts competitive pay, a 30% discount on CVS brand products and 20% off all other eligible merchandise.


The holidays are the busiest time of year for the Gap, Inc. family of apparel brands. The company is hiring full-time, seasonal workers with the opportunity to remain full-time following the holidays for its stores, distribution centers, and call centers to respond to the increased traffic. The jobs are distributed among the company’s many brands, which include Gap, Athleta, Banana Republic, Intermix, Janie and Jack, and Old Navy.

1-800-Flowers Inc. is among the many companies that have adapted their seasonal hiring plans to include more work-from-home positions. The company says it will hire 8,000 seasonal workers across their brands, some of whom will be remote customer service agents. Other jobs are gift assembly and customer service roles. 


Arts and crafts retailer Michaels is seeking 15,000 seasonal workers across the U.S. and Canada to ramp up for the holiday season in its retail stores and distribution centers. Last year, more than 50% of the company’s seasonal in-store workers were hired into regular roles after the holidays.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

If you have a knack for sports and the great outdoors, you could nab one of 9,000 seasonal associate positions available at Dick’s Sporting Goods. New hires will enjoy a store discount of 25% off and access to the company’s DailyPay paycheck advance program. 

J.C. Penney

J.C. Penney has about 22,000 seasonal openings up for grabs this year, many of which come with the opportunity to stay on after the holidays. The retailer is closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, and associates who work Black Friday and other peak shopping days receive additional pay. 

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How to get hired for seasonal jobs

Take it seriously 

The competition for seasonal jobs can be overwhelming. Though there are many companies seasonal hiring this year, there are also many applicants as well. With millions of Americans looking for work, candidates will be up against people who’ve never been in the seasonal job market in the past. This means you’ll need to bring your A-game. 

Polish your resume, tailoring it specifically to the jobs you’re applying for. This means highlighting customer- and client-facing experience for retail roles, while for fulfillment roles, you’ll want to focus on your logistics strengths. Be prepared for several interview rounds, including phone and virtual components. 

Be flexible 

Holiday jobs, by nature, can consist of long hours and nonstandard shifts, so coming into an interview with a strict set of scheduling constraints isn’t likely to result in an offer. Be prepared to work nights and weekends in addition to shorter or on-call shifts. If you’re open to overnight work, this could give you a leg up on the competition. Many of the seasonal jobs this year will be able to turn into full-time positions within the company, so you may not be stuck with these hours forever.

Keep applying

Though many companies started hiring in early fall, it’s not too late to land a seasonal job. Many companies hire on a rolling basis all the way through the end of the year, as volume remains high into January with late shoppers and post-holiday returns.

Additionally, the temporary nature of seasonal work means some people leave after just a few weeks, which can result in openings later on in the season. With companies really needing employees, you could get multiple offers and land a stable job that you end up loving. 

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