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Stacey Haley

After graduating from Florida State University with a B.S. in Accounting and a Masters in Accounting with a specialization in Corporate Accounting, Stacey began her career with Arthur Andersen in Atlanta, where she audited international manufacturing and distribution clients. She also assisted in initial public offerings and debt offerings for a variety of clients. Stacey’s career eventually led her to consulting where she loved engaging directly with the owners of small to mid-size companies. It has always been important for Stacey to see first-hand the positive impact that her involvement can bring to business owners, employees, and their clients, which continues today in her role as 4 Corner’s Chief Financial Officer. Stacey and her husband Brent have two children, who have helped ignite her passion for zengig's mission. Tyler is earning a master's in accounting at University of Florida and Ally is also at UF, pursing a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Stacey knows better than anyone how important it is for young people to receive proper guidance!

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