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4 Fun (and Easy!) Super Bowl Contests to do at Work

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Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching, making it the perfect time to get your employees excited and involved in the festivities. You can do this by hosting a Super Bowl contest! Not only will this add some extra excitement to the day, but you’ll also allow your employees to bond and compete with one another in a fun and lighthearted way.

Running a contest is easy, and the options are endless. They can range from simple prediction games to more complicated challenges that require knowledge of the teams and players. It’s essential to make the contest fun and engaging for everyone, so choose one that matches your employees’ interests. 

Here are four popular Super Bowl contest ideas you can do with your team:

1. Prediction contest

Taking part in a Super Bowl prediction contest is a fun and easy way for all of your employees to participate in the excitement. They can make predictions about various aspects of the game, such as the final score, MVP, the first team to score, and the length of the national anthem.

Whether or not your employees are watching the big game, everyone will want to join in for this one. Use an online survey tool, like Google Forms, to make it easy for them to submit their answers and let the predictions begin. The employee with the most accurate predictions wins!

2. Touchdown dance competition

Another way to get your employees involved in the Super Bowl is with a touchdown dance competition. Encourage them to choreograph and perform their touchdown celebration dance, live or via video, as a fun way to celebrate the festivities. Give them the option to perform solo or as part of a group, and get ready for lots of laughs! You can choose one judge or let everyone vote on the most impressive dance for a prize.

3. Snack stadium competition 

This contest is about creativity and presentation, so those full-time foodies will love this one! The idea is to have your employees build their snack stadiums using a variety of treats and snacks to represent the two teams. Those in the office can kick off the weekend with this fun competition, and your remote employees can enjoy their creations with family and friends on game day. Choose your judges and let them pick which snack stadium will win a first place prize.

4. Super Bowl bingo 

Bingo might be older than the Super Bowl itself, but it stands the test of time! It’s square pool (or bingo), a simple betting game where employees can purchase squares representing the score of the game. Each square on the grid represents a different score and can be sold to your employees at a set price.

There is no limit on how many squares you can sell, but each employee can only buy one. You will assign the prize amount for each quarter and reveal a winner at the end of each quarter. Everyone has a chance to win in this contest, but consider the size of your team and budget beforehand.

Tips for hosting your Super Bowl contest

These are just a few ideas, but hosting a contest is a great way to build camaraderie and friendly competition among your employees. To set your contest up for success, remember to communicate the rules, prizes, and entry deadline to ensure everyone has a fair chance to participate.

And when it comes to choosing a grand prize, you may give something simple, such as a gift card, or something more elaborate, such as a paid day off. Remember to announce the winner after the game is over, whether it be via email or in a company-wide meeting, to encourage the team to participate in your next event!

Whether your employees are in the office or working remotely, a Super Bowl contest can help bring some extra excitement and fun to the day. With creativity and organization, you can create a game that will be enjoyed by all and create lasting memories. So get ready for this year’s Super Bowl Sunday, and let’s get competitive!

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